Not only is attorney Bill Nettles an experienced criminal defense lawyer, but he is also a valued resource among top channels and publications. He is often called upon for his expertise to weigh in on various topics and discuss legal implications and news within the legal industry including new reforms, laws and high profile cases. Check out some of the recent publications and interviews Mr. Nettles is proud to have been a part of.


On December 2, 2016, Bill Nettles appeared on MSNBC to give his perspective and discuss the trial of Michael Slager, a former police officer, who is was accused and tried for killing Walter Scott during a traffic stop back in 2015. The jury was unable to reach a consensus, forcing the judge to declare a mistrial.

Mr. Nettles was serving as the U.S. Attorney for the district of South Carolina at the time of the shooting.

Huffington Post

As the former U.S. Attorney for the district of South Carolina and the top federal prosecutor in the state, Bill Nettles has worked diligently to team up with local officials to look beyond incarceration for drug dealers as an innovative solution to clean up neighborhoods.

In 2015, he had worked with various cities to offer drug dealers a way out of the system, giving them educational opportunities and job training, rather than a prison sentence. Mr. Nettles was featured in Huffington Post for his drug reform program called “Drug Market Intervention Initiative.”

Mr. Nettles was also featured in Huffington Post in 2013 for his contribution with the Stop and Take a New Direction (STAND) Program that he referred to as “a fundamental shift in the way we go about addressing this issue of open-air drug dealing,” offering low-level drug dealers an opportunity to turn their lives around. Overall, the program was considered a success and many other cities and states followed suit.

Wall Street Journal

In 2015, Bill Nettles was featured in various Wall Street Journal articles, one pertaining to the cardiac biomarker laboratories settling their case after allegedly paying doctors to provide patients’ blood samples for testing.

The other again highlighted Mr. Nettles’ work with diversion programs that sent more low-level drug dealers into treatment, rather than prison.

NBC Dateline

Attorney Bill Nettles was featured on NBC News for his desire to help low-level drug dealers escape the criminal justice system by offering a way out through his STAND program. His goal was to obtain positive results for the community in a different way. Mr. Nettles worked closely with law enforcement officers who were eager to take part in the program.

He was also featured in a separate segment on NBC News for his input as the U.S. Attorney in a case involving Chris Latham, who attempted to have his ex-wife killed. It was a unique case, and Mr. Nettles wanted to make sure they had all of the evidence against Latham prior to charging him. Latham was ultimately sentenced to 10 years in prison for his murder-for-hire scheme.


Bill Nettles was a special speaker during the Four Part Summer Series titled “Crime and Punishment” at Furman University located in Greenville South Carolina, discussing the importance of building communities of justice and intervention programs.

Mr. Nettles was also featured as a moderator in a debate at the University of South Carolina’s History Center where faculty debated the origins of the U.S. Constitution.

Local South Carolina News

Attorney Bill Nettles was interviewed for the local Live 5 News and his part as the U.S. Attorney who oversaw the case of the extremist anti-government group linked to the Baton Rouge police killer earlier in 2016.

“There are people that believe that government should be very big and have a huge impact, a huge place in our life,” Nettles said. “And there are people that believe that government should be very small. All of those people, that’s a discussion that can be had and that tension’s probably good for democracy as a whole because we probably wind up with some sort of government that’s in the middle. The problem with the state’s rights people is they don’t even recognize the authority of the government and that is a fundamental difference from the rest of us,” Nettles said.

He was also interviewed for “The State,” discussing his retirement and the role of the federal government. “The role of the federal government is to do what the states are unwilling or unable to do,” Nettles said.

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