Pursuing parties who violate federal law occupies much of the attention and resources of the various governmental agencies. These agencies perform these tasks both to discourage wrongdoers and to save tax-payer dollars.

To achieve these goals, agencies encourage ordinary citizens to come forward as whistleblowers. This can result in the agencies receiving substantial new information and the whistleblowers receiving substantial rewards. These rewards are available through the Qui Tam programs.

A Greenville whistleblower lawyer could help individuals who have witnessed violations of federal laws and want to come forward. This can include evaluating one’s observations to determine if they fall under the proper umbrella, shielding individuals from potential retaliation, and helping whistleblowers to collect rewards.

Serving as a Whistleblower Could Result in Substantial Compensation

All federal agencies allow for the issuance of rewards for whistleblowers that reveal illegal activity. To collect these payments, whistleblowers must provide new information to the relevant agencies that result in a conviction. This information must include a writ of Qui Tam to notify the agency of their desire to collect these payments.

However, merely providing information to the government is not enough. Certain people are ineligible to seek rewards. They include parties to the illegal activity, members of law enforcement, or when the party has an obligation to participate in the investigation by law.

The amount of the reward will vary. Usually, it is between ten and thirty percent of the funds that the government recovers in the case. A seasoned Greenville Qui Tam lawyer could help parties to pursue these payments.

A Collection of Federal Laws Call for Whistleblowers

The collection of taxes and other revenue has always been a primary function of the federal government. At the same time, a collection of federal agencies acts as a way to ensure that all citizens and companies follow the law. Most regulatory agencies allow for whistleblowers to come forward and report allegations of illegal activity.

Common examples include:

  • Financial crimes according to Section 922 of the Dodd-Frank Act. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has jurisdiction here.
  • Violations of the Commodity Exchange Act under the umbrella of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).
  • The False Claims Act according to 31 United States Code § 3729.
  • Tax fraud, evasion, or a simple failure to pay that violates federal tax code. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may investigate these matters.

A Greenville whistleblower lawyer can take the lead in explaining the relevant laws and determining under which agency people have the ability to come forward as a whistleblower.

A Greenville Whistleblower Attorney May be Able to Help You

A collection of federal financial regulatory agencies depends on the eyes and ears of ordinary citizens to enforce the law. This includes people coming forward as whistleblowers. While taking this step may be intimidating, federal law protects whistleblowers against any retaliation. Additionally, these parties may be able to collect a reward if they file a writ of Qui Tam that leads to a conviction and the recovery of substantial funds.

An experienced Greenville whistleblower lawyer could help people looking to serve as whistleblowers. This includes helping you to investigate the initial issue, submitting potential claims to the relevant governmental agencies, and demanding appropriate rewards through Qui Tam claims. Discuss your options with a Greenville Qui Tam lawyer today.

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