Because the federal government is so concerned with cybersecurity crimes, they implemented several initiatives to reward whistleblowers. Whistleblowers are both protected and rewarded for their participation, but because the processes of filing a claim and receiving the reward can be complicated, reporting is best done with help from an experienced whistleblower attorney.

The Federal Trade Commission has warned companies to repair cybersecurity vulnerabilities that expose consumer data, and the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) strengthened its cyber initiative and reinforced how it incentivizes whistleblowers to ensure they are rewarded for their help. When you are aware of cybercrimes being committed at your current or former place of employment but are not sure what to do, a Greenville inadequate cybersecurity and hacking whistleblower lawyer could explain an appropriate strategy.

The False Claims Act and Cybersecurity Fraud

The False Claims Act (FCA), 31 U.S.C. §§ 3729 – 3733 allows the government to fine contractors who intentionally submit false claims concerning work done for any federal or state agency. This law includes contractors who fail to report cybersecurity breaches when they discover them or do not follow the government’s cybersecurity protocols. The Civil Cyber-Fraud Initiative uses the False Claims Act to punish those caught providing substandard cybersecurity, who fail to monitor systems, or who misrepresent protocols to the government that identify and combat cybersecurity threats, especially where sensitive information is concerned.

Along with the False Claims Act and state statutes protecting whistleblowers, the federal Whistleblower Protection Act (WPA) that protects federal employees has been extended to protect subcontractors working for federal contractors under the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

President Joe Biden signed an executive order requiring federal agencies and contractors involved in cybersecurity to strengthen their strategies to stop data breaches and cyber threats, and to report them when found. The DOJ responded with its Civil Cyber Fraud Initiative. A Greenville cybersecurity and hacking whistleblower attorney understands the myriad laws, acts, and initiatives, and could use them wisely to protect and reward a person when they expose a government contractor committing cybersecurity fraud.

Sectors the Federal Government Believes Could Be Hacked

The federal government is most concerned with Russian hackers targeting specific and critical systems. Based on reports, the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) was asked to investigate and name targets most apt to be targeted by Russian hackers. The government has also increased its scrutiny of contractors providing cybersecurity in crucial sectors that include:

  • Dams and bridges
  • Communications systems
  • Chemical manufacturing plants
  • The energy sector, including nuclear reactors
  • Defense industrial bases and government buildings
  • Daily living sectors such as financial businesses, agriculture and food, water systems, public health, transportation, and waste systems

A critical system hack could cripple large sections of the country. Whistleblowers are true patriots for exposing cyber breaches and hacking by bad actors. Our inadequate cybersecurity and hacking whistleblower attorneys in Greenville understand the system and apply their vast experience to stopping these dangerous activities and protecting our clients from retaliation.

Call a Greenville Inadequate Cybersecurity and Hacking Whistleblower Attorney

Blowing the whistle on those who ignore federal regulations is a noble act by an honest person. It saves the government and taxpayers money when fraud is exposed. When the crime involves cybersecurity or hacking, and contractors tasked with doing so fail to report it, you as a whistleblower could hold national security in your hands.

Our attorneys know the angst you feel, not wanting to be hacked, doxxed, or even get punished by an employer, but still wanting to tell the truth. Bill Nettles worked for decades as a U.S. Attorney, and his partner, Fran Trapp, has represented whistleblowers for more than two decades. We know what to do to file your claim, get you compensated if appropriate, and protect you from retaliation. Call a Greenville inadequate cybersecurity and hacking whistleblower lawyer now.

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