Fraud related to government loans, including the vitally-needed Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan issued to small and large businesses alike during the pandemic, costs the government greatly each year. Loans may also include housing loans, mortgage guarantees, and a variety of other programs intended to provide aid to businesses and private borrowers. Fraudulent loans to Charleston businesses and residents can prevent small businesses who really need those funds from accessing them, and businesses that engage in those behaviors may face strict legal penalties.

Whistleblowers are a key part of ensuring that fraud comes to the attention of the right parties at the right time. However, in order to make the most of it, it is advisable to work with a Charleston government loan fraud whistleblower lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected and the right evidence comes to light.

Activities that Whistleblowers May Notice

An organization that engages in any of the following behaviors may be held liable with the help of a Charleston government loan fraud whistleblower attorney:

  • Fraudulently certifying due diligence related to securing a loan, including evaluating the worth of a property before securing the loan.
  • Neglecting to implement quality control procedures required to secure the loan.
  • Clearly ignoring obvious problems with quality control or compliance, including problems that other members of the team may have already called to their attention.
  • Failing to meet needed terms, including compliance or quality terms, deadlines, and other factors required to secure a loan.
  • Falsely certifying data integrity with regards to loan data.

Loan fraud can involve student loans, home loans, business loans, and more. Any time an employee discovers that their organization or employer is submitting inaccurate data or failing to comply with government-mandated standards, it is important to contact a Charleston lawyer who is familiar with government loan fraud whistleblower claims.

What Are the Rights of Whistleblowers in Charleston?

In an effort to prevent fraud, the federal government has issued a writ of Qui Tam regarding whistleblowers who notify them about government loan fraud. A writ of Qui Tam states that private individuals who assist in the prosecution in a case, including sharing information they may have noticed during the course of their usual job duties, may have the right to a percentage of any damages or penalties imposed on the organization that committed the act of fraud.

In the case of a loan fraud report, whistleblowers could receive quite a bit of compensation for their diligence. A Charleston attorney could help go over the rights of the whistleblower in a government loan fraud case.

In addition, if an employee reports an organization for government loan fraud, they are legally protected. A whistleblower may have the right to retain their job or have it given back to them following a lawsuit, receive double back pay for any time they spent off work as a result of retaliatory actions, or even receive compensation for special damages, like attorney’s fees, associated with retaliation after a government loan fraud report.

Ask a Charleston Government Loan Fraud Whistleblower Attorney for Help

If you discover federal-level fraudulent activity in your organization, you may need an experienced Charleston government loan fraud whistleblower lawyer to help you understand your rights and guide you through the reporting process so you can hold your employer accountable. Furthermore, an attorney could help ensure that your rights are protected throughout the prosecution.

If you need a government loan fraud whistleblowing attorney in Charleston, contact the Law Office of Bill Nettles today to learn more about your rights, the errors made by your organization, and how you can ensure that justice is served.

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