Criminal charges related to evading taxes carry significant consequences. If you are facing state or federal tax fraud charges, contact a white-collar defense attorney immediately.

A Greenville tax fraud lawyer could conduct a thorough investigation and identify the weaknesses in the government’s case. In many cases, they could resolve the matter before a trial and, sometimes, before law enforcement executes a warrant or a prosecutor secures an indictment. Contact our firm today to begin reviewing your legal options.

Federal Tax Fraud

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has its own law enforcement arm that investigates federal tax fraud and tax evasion known as IRS-Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI). Anyone who receives a request for an interview with this office should not attend without being accompanied by a trusted Greenville tax fraud attorney.

Federal tax fraud charges could arise in various ways. The government might allege that someone:

  • Misrepresented income to avoid taxes
  • Hid assets in offshore accounts
  • Supported deductions with false documents
  • Claimed tax advantages they were not entitled to

Failing to file a tax return or pay taxes owed could also result in criminal charges.

Additionally, the federal government has a program that rewards whistleblowers for turning in a party that is underpaying their taxes. An attorney defending a tax case might investigate whether a whistleblower provided information and if so, attempt to challenge the individual’s motivations, credibility, and integrity.

State Tax Charges

Failing to file or pay appropriate taxes to the state could also lead to criminal charges. The South Carolina Department of Revenue (SCDOR) Criminal Investigation Division collects evidence of individuals’ and businesses’ attempts to avoid state taxes.

Although the penalties are not as severe for state tax fraud as for federal offenses, a conviction could still lead to hefty fines and jail sentences. State tax fraud charges also have a devastating impact on the accused’s reputation in the community, and could lead to loss of employment, inability to obtain credit, and other significant consequences.

A Greenville attorney could attempt to resolve the tax fraud charges before an indictment becomes public. In many cases, it is possible to resolve allegations without the prosecutor securing a criminal indictment.

Speaking with Tax Fraud Investigators

Sometimes people being investigated for tax fraud are eager to speak with investigators, feeling that they can explain the situation and the problem will disappear. However, speaking with investigators without an attorney present is always a bad strategy.

Investigators are trained to lead their subjects into admissions against their interests. Having an attorney present could ensure that the accused does not inadvertently weaken their position or make an admission.

An adept Greenville attorney could present credible information explaining any discrepancies in the accused’s tax returns. If mistakes were made, in most cases, the legal professional could negotiate a settlement that keeps the accused out of prison. In any federal or state tax case, the earlier an attorney can begin a defense, the more options are available to resolve the situation.

Rely on a Greenville Tax Fraud Attorney

Getting into tax trouble is a distressing situation that will likely cause you to feel a great deal of uncertainty. Engaging a seasoned legal advocate from Bill Nettles Attorney at Law to help you settle the matter could ease your concerns and allow you to move forward.

If the state or federal tax authorities are investigating you, do not delay. Schedule a consultation with a Greenville tax fraud lawyer today. Our team has extensive experience handling cases like yours and is uniquely qualified to stand in your corner.

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