The False Claims Act is a federal law that prohibits any party from knowingly demanding payment from the federal government under false pretenses. This can include filing a knowingly improper claim for payment or changing information to demand an increased payment.

The federal government has a reason to pursue abuses of this law. Providing false payments damages the federal budget as well as encourages others to do the same. The various regulatory bodies that investigate violations of the False Claims Act lack the resources to uncover every violation on their own. As a result, they all encourage private citizens to come forward as whistleblowers.

A Lexington False Claims Act lawyer may be able to help you if you believe that you have observed a violation of this law. An experienced attorney could take the lead in helping you to investigate your suspicions, draft complaints for submission to the government, and seek out appropriate rewards for your information.

What is a Whistleblower?

In general, a whistleblower is a person who reports illegal activity. In many cases, these people are employees of companies who have first-hand knowledge about illegal activity.

The law encourages people to come forward with information that they may have concerning violations of the False Claims Act. In fact, there may even be a reward for providing information that leads to a conviction. Under 31 United States Code § 3730(c)(5), reporting violations of the False Claims Act entitles many people to a reward that will vary in value from between 15 and 25 percent of the recovered funds in the case.

With this in mind, only certain parties are eligible for this reward. Members of law enforcement or those who have a duty under the law to blow the whistle regarding violations can never collect a reward. In addition, the reward will only come about if the information is something about which the government did not already have knowledge.

A Lexington False Claims Act lawyer could help people to file complaints to the relevant governmental agencies. This can include submitting writs of Qui Tam that demand appropriate compensation as a reward for the information.

The False Claims Act and Examples of Potential Violations

A collection of individuals and companies have a legitimate reason to demand payment from the government. Individuals may collect benefits through a Social Security disability claim, or companies may provide goods or services through the fulfillment of a contract.

The receipt of these payments centers around the idea that parties will be truthful in their demands for payment. However, abuses can and do occur. As a result, Congress enacted the False Claims Act, codified in 31 United States Code § 3729. This statute says that it is illegal to knowingly submit a false claim for payment to the federal government or to commit fraud against a government agency.

Examples of this behavior can include:

  • Misrepresenting one’s age or financial status
  • Intentionally misquoting an estimate when applying for a contract
  • Demanding payments for services not rendered

A knowledgeable Lexington False Claims Act attorney could provide more information about this law and help individuals to determine if they have observed a violation that justifies blowing the whistle.

Reach Out to a Lexington False Claims Act Attorney Now

Violations of the False Claims Act are common occurrences. Both private individuals and companies can violate this law by submitting false information to the government for the purpose of collecting money.

It is clear that the government wishes to crack down on this activity. Yet, in many situations, it lacks the resources to do so. As a result, private citizens can come forward as whistleblowers to report illegal activity.

A Lexington False Claims Act lawyer could help you if you want to serve as a whistleblower. They can strive to protect your legal rights during the process, protect you against potential retaliation, and even demand a reward through a writ of Qui Tam. Contact a Lexington False Claims Act attorney today to schedule an schedule.

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