The unfortunate reality is that fraud and misappropriation are rampant among companies and individuals who do business with the United States government. Because regulatory agencies cannot police every transaction, Congress enacted the False Claims Act to provide monetary rewards for whistleblowers.

If you have information about an attempt to defraud the federal government, you might be entitled to False Claims Act rewards in Lexington. These payments are only available in specific situations, so it is crucial that you rely on the guidance of a skilled false claims act attorney.

What Rewards Are Available?

In order to qualify for rewards under the False Claims Act, a Lexington resident must pursue a successful writ of Qui Tam. These writs can award a whistleblower a monetary award, but only after certain qualifications are met.

First, the information provided to the federal government must lead to a conviction under the False Claims Act. If the target of the investigation is never found guilty, a reward will not be available.

Finally, any tip provided by a whistleblower must result in the recovery of fraudulent funds. Once these factors are met, a party that files a writ of Qui Tam could be eligible for between 15 and 25 percent of the money recovered from the defendant. Due to the lengthy nature of criminal investigations and prosecutions, this process can take years to play out.

Qualifying for a Reward

It is also important to remember that only certain parties can seek a reward under the False Claims Act in Lexington. These requirements go beyond those for recovering an award discussed previously.

Information on the Fraudulence

Whistleblowers must provide information related to a criminal matter. Compensation is not available for activities that do not violate federal law.

What’s more, the information provided must be new. If a whistleblower offers a tip to the federal government but someone else has already reported that same information, the second party will not be eligible for a monetary reward—even if their tip leads to a conviction.

Meet Compensation Eligibility

Specific individuals are never eligible for compensation under the False Claims Act. First and foremost, members of law enforcement may never recover a reward when they provide information regarding fraudulent activity. This is because they already have an obligation to turn over any details of a crime to the government.

Individuals who are the target of a criminal investigation are also excluded. This ensures that a person responsible for a fraudulent transaction does not benefit from it after it is discovered. A person compelled by a court order to hand over information is also prohibited from filing a writ of Qui Tam.

A lawyer can review all the details a whistleblower provides to evaluate their chances of success. They can advise a person in Lexington on whether they are eligible for a financial reward while advising them of their rights.

Talk to an Attorney in Lexington About False Claims Act Rewards

If you believe you have information regarding the misuse of federal funds, you might be entitled to financial compensation. Recovering False Claims Act rewards in Lexington can be a complex and drawn-out process but working with a lawyer can simplify things. Reach out to our experienced whistleblower attorneys right away to learn more.

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