While you can be financially rewarded for coming forward as a whistleblower, many people refuse to do so out of fear of retaliation. This is especially common among those scared of losing their employment. Firing an employee for being a whistleblower is against the law, and it could also provide you with additional remedies in federal court.

A dedicated whistleblower attorney could assist you with making a claim and protect your rights throughout the process. The government values receiving tips for fraud or wrongdoing and offers additional legal options for those fearing harassment or termination. Let a Lexington whistleblower retaliation lawyer guide you through the process.

It is Illegal to Retaliate Against a Whistleblower

Under the law, different behaviors can be considered retaliation. It can generally include any form of punishment levied against a whistleblower for participating in a federal investigation.

Often, retaliation occurs in the form of a wrongful termination. Firing someone for this reason is unlawful, but it is not the only example of this behavior. Retaliation acts can also involve:

  • Transfers
  • Reductions in pay
  • Demotions
  • Denied promotions
  • Harassment

Any of these activities could qualify. When a person experiences this type of retaliation for being a whistleblower, a Lexington attorney might be able to help them seek a remedy.

Legal Options for Unlawful Punishments

An individual experiencing retaliation due to their service as a whistleblower has the right to file legal action in federal court. They are entitled to sue their employer for these activities and the impact on their life and career.

For a lawsuit to succeed, the whistleblower must prove they were mistreated during their employment. A plaintiff must also establish that this treatment occurred due to their participation in the investigation of their employer. Deciding to terminate a worker’s employment due to their status as a whistleblower could lead to a viable case for compensation.

When retaliation lawsuits are successful, remedies are available. In wrongful termination cases, it is not unusual for the court to order the employer to provide a whistleblower with back pay. In some cases, they might require the company to reinstate that individual to their prior position. This approach is prevalent in cases where a person was transferred or demoted rather than fired. A whistleblower retaliation lawyer in Lexington could also seek damages for court costs and attorney fees.

Reporting retaliatory acts to the appropriate investigatory body is an option. For example, a whistleblower lawyer in Lexington could report an act of retaliation in the finance industry to the Securities and Exchange Commission. While this step does not allow a lawsuit and will not directly lead to a monetary award, it could trigger penalties for the employer or bring the illegal activity to an end.

Talk to a Whistleblower Retaliation Attorney in Lexington Today

Federal law is designed to protect whistleblowers who inform the government of fraud or wrongdoing. When an employer retaliates against these individuals, they could have a viable claim for back pay and other remedies.

If you have been targeted, you do not have to seek compensation alone. A Lexington whistleblower retaliation lawyer could advise you of your legal options. Call today to learn more.

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